Monarch ... The King of Finer Foods

It started with California sunshine and some of the most fertile farmlands in the world. The vast Central Valley  where Tomatoes grow plump and ripe, and Peaches sweet and juicy. Begun in 1853, shortly after the California's Gold Rush, Monarch's pioneering food processing and distribution expertise has begun!

Today, Monarch's premier role as an International Marketer stretches to a vast range of canned packaged Seafoods, Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Juices, Condiments and specialty foods processed and marketed around the world. There are Sardines from Morocco & Thailand; Tuna, Corn, and Pineapple from Thailand; canned Mushrooms from China; Hot sauces and Squeezed yellow Mustard from USA; Iodized salt from KSA & USA; Peanut Butter from USA, and California Grape leaves.  This is to name but a few of the more than 500 quality food products marketed under the renowned brand Monarch.